Recreational Dance (or Social Dance) is any form of dancing that is done for fun. Through the ages each generation has had its own dance craze from the Lindy to the Limbo to Disco to Street Dancing. Every generation re-discovers the two-step.

TEAMPLAY Recreational Dancing has two different parts. One part is a program of dance for some group of people. These groups could be: a village of church fall festival, a church outreach group or fellowship gathering of members, a weekend retreat, a 4-H, church, or Scout camp program, a college group/club/fraternity, a FUND raiser for a school, a family gathering, birthday party, or even a "block party."

At any of these events all the participants need is a willing mind. All the dances will be taught just before they are danced. The dances chosen will be easy enough for the dancers. My philosophy is that if it takes longer to dance the dance than it takes to teach the dance ... it is too difficult. Think of the dance as a game played to music. They are that simple to learn.

The dances can include: line dancing, circle mixers, Hoedown square dances, polkas, waltz, Contras, ballroom basics, etc. The event of dance will be just challenging enough to keep everyone involved.

The second part is for the group that wants to learn to teach dance. These groups could be elementary or Physical Education school teachers, Camp counselors, Community Center teaching staff, YMCA staff, etc. In these sessions (often several day-long workshops) the students will have the opportunity to learn many different styles of dance, i.e., line dancing, circle mixers, square dances, polkas, waltz, etc. You will learn some of the dance history, the styles and many dances. You will also have opportunity to have hands-on teaching time including use of a microphone.

Recreational Dance is FUN and it is great exercise. It is a Life Sport.

Resources are available for music. Information about dance workshops and local dances is also available.