Barry's Specialty Programs for:

Summer Camps, Church camps, after school programming, Scouts, outdoor education, 4-H, church youth, and more!

These activities are adapted to your group and your time frame. Groups can be from 10 - 50 depending on the activity you choose. Some have additional costs for supplies.

Hose Play: Creating many different toys from waste nylon stockings. Fluffy balls, Hose balls, peanut-balls, flying disks, jump ropes, geo-balls, goggles, costumes, dolls, comets, (the list is endless) are a few of the items that can be created from nylon hose. You will get a hands-on opportunity to make a fluffy ball to take home. You will get to see a demonstration of how to make many of the different items. You will get information on where to purchase the nylon stockings. Once items are created several activities that incorporate the Hose Craft items will be played/demonstrated. *This is an inexpensive "recycling" craft that creates useful inexpensive items/toys that can be used in teambuilding activities, games and other play.

Using your NOODLE: Pool noodles are fun to use even when you are not in a pool. This session will incorporate many games AND problem-solving activities using pool noodles. There are two books full if active and passive games, 50 Ways to use your Noodle and 50 MORE Ways to Use your Noodle. You will/may use: Maxironi Rex, Maxironies, Midaronies, Minironies, and Meatballs in the activities. Activities can incorporate from one to over one hundred people depending on space and number of available noodles.

Flying Things: This is a collection of items that fly: boomerangs (made of cardboard, paint sticks and tongue depressors), comets (balls with tails), Frisbees, bottle rockets, paper rockets, French hoops and FUNderbirds. You may see any number of these items in this program. This should be an outdoors program. Much depends of the weather and size of the room if it is indoors. Often this is a make-it and take-it program. *This program teaches motor skills needed for throwing and catching objects and also for building boomerangs and rockets.

Frisbee Golf: A portable disk golf course will be set up on location (outdoors). It can be designed (difficulty) for any age group. *This activity: teaches score keeping (math), teamwork (staying in groups of four and encouraging teammates), and gives you exercise (chasing the Frisbee and picking it up over and over.)

Noodle Rockets: This is a session where everyone gets to make their own rocket. The rockets are made from a 15" piece of a Pool Noodle, large rubber band and three fins. They are quick and easy to make. Usually third grader and up have no problems with the construction, youth younger that third grade often need some help.

Recreational Dance: Programs listed under Recreational Dance on the site are also available for these programs.

Team Building: Programs listed under TEAM BUILDING on the site are also available for these programs

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Buckeye Leadership Workshop is a five day interactive event held each spring, designed to teach "leaders" skills they can utilize in their home communities. The week is full of ideas used to teach leadership skills through the use of recreation. The daily schedule incorporated whole group activities, more specialized individual sessions, and opportunities to share individual talents and strengths. The workshop audience is composed of about 160 people who share in a supportive, spiritual and creative environment.

Buckeye Leadership Workshop can be and has been since 1943, a life changing experience. Is can also help you with leadership skills for working with youth (4-H, scouts, church, and school), and adults (social work, business clients, parents, and special needs audiences). It can help you make friends in other cities, states and countries that you will never forget. It can strengthen your faith through song and sharing times. It can make you laugh and cry in a short space of time. Buckeye Leadership Workshop cannot be explained in a paragraph, but much be experienced. Check-out the following web site for more details, time and registration information.